Disability tax credit review promised, JDRF welcomes CRA decision

Disability tax credit review promised, JDRF welcomes CRA decision

In what can be pegged as a huge positive development for over 300,000+ Canadian families with at least one type 1 diabetes (T1D) patient, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has agreed to review all applications denied under the post-May 2017 process.

The new letters ntroduced in May that made it virtually impossible for adults with T1D to qualify for the disability tax credit (DTC). This led to formation of a collaboration involving JDRF and Diabetes Canada, members of the T1D community. The collaboration rallied together this past month to express their outrage and disappointment over a decision that would not only have severely impacted their quality of life, but also put at risk the hard-earned savings they’d invested in Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs).

Many Canadians with T1D who were previously approved for the DTC had suddenly been denied since May 2. They had been informed by the CRA that they would have to close their Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP) and faced repaying the government contributions to those accounts.

Type 1 diabetes is a 24-7, chronic, progressive, autoimmune disorder that can neither be avoided nor cured. It renders those living with the disease dependent on insulin injections or infusions for the rest of their life, and puts patients at significant risk of complications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, amputation and premature death.

“This announcement shows that there is strength in numbers, and that together we can bring forth positive change that can have a tremendous impact on the lives of people living with T1D,” says Dave Prowten, President and CEO of JDRF. “We look forward to working with the new Disability Advisory Committee to further improve the administration of the DTC and ensure those with T1D continue to have access to this important tax relief.”

JDRF will continue to follow this process closely and will continue to advocate for all those living with type 1 diabetes.


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