AI to facilitate reuse of crypto mining farms for deep learning in healthcare


Cryptocurrency mining farms are powerful setups capable of performing complex calculations at blazing fast speeds and by leveraging this power of mining farms, a collaboration of two companies intends to bring deep learning to healthcare.

Hong Kong-based Longenesis Ltd has joined hands with Neuromation Ltd, an Estonia-based company to use the powerful cryptocurrency mining platforms couple with artificial intelligence to bring out novel healthcare innovations based on deep learning.

Neuromation says it is working on a platform that will enable anyone to use AI and high-end computation resources for their research for their research. The platform will also make use of blockchain technology.

Longenesis on the other hand has been working on a secure ecosystem to allow the individuals to take control over their life data and profit from selling or licensing it to the application developers. The application developers need access to the high-performance computing solutions to be able to train the deep neural networks that can be used to provide the valuable health-related services back to the individuals or to discover new life-saving therapy.

Neuromation aspires to become one of the largest providers of the computing infrastructure for deep learning by repurposing the enormous installed base of the existing mining infrastructure.

Through the collaboration, the two companies will train the deep neural networks using the computational power of crypto mining farms. Further they will generate synthetic data using the trained deep learning networks.

Longenesis intends to create a global data marketplace that will help provide personalized but at the same time secure data for healthcare application developers.

The companies agreed to bridge each the ecosystems to enable rapid expansion and allow the large corporations to procure a large amount of data from the individuals consenting to the specific uses of their data and to procure the high-performance computing infrastructure required to train the deep neural networks.


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